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Lauren J.

Lauren dabbled in yoga, running, and dance for years before moving to Charlottesville and finding her home at FlyDog Yoga. In 2017, she completed her first Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. She enjoys transitioning skills developed in an aerial hammock to practice on the mat and vice versa. She encourages students to let go of judgement, and find lightness and strength in their practice and in their lives.

Lauren J. instructs the following:
  • Aerial Yoga - Restorative
  • The perfect class to unwind and renew passion in your practice and daily life. Restorative aerial yoga is a wonderful introduction to anyone new to the art of aerial yoga practice, but is also an incredible opportunity for anyone seeking deep release and relaxation. Unlike a regular aerial class that places the hammock about hip height, restorative aerials places the hammock less than12 inches off the ground, allowing practitioners to use the floor and low hammock for greater support and deeper relief of tension in key areas, such as the hips, shoulders, and low back. This innovative practice is intentionally designed with a very slow flow, consisting of 4-6 poses held in extremely supported postures for longer holds. The extended time per posture allow the instructor to personalize the practice to each student, assisting them in use of the props, adjustment of body position, and gentle massage to encourage total relaxation Aside from the swing, blocks and bolsters are used to increase the ability of students to find gradual opening without strain. The class is structured to offer guided meditation and soft breathing techniques that will both boost the immune system and quiet the nervous system to reduce stress in the body, mind, and spirit.
    It is very important for students to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before the start of class so that their hammock may be sized properly. Students who do not arrive at least five minutes before the start of class may find their spot has been given to a standby student.

    Clothing requirements: short or long sleeves (no tank tops); no zippers or metal. No jewelry.
    Physical Restrictions: Please talk to the instructor before class if you have any concerns.