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Millmont Shops
1039 Millmont St
Charlottesville, VA 22903
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Sarah G.

Sarah moved to Charlottesville just one year ago from Virginia Beach, and discovered FDY as a way to change up her workout routine. She is a Physical Therapist at one of the local outpatient orthopedic clinics, and one of her main goals when treating patients is to encourage them to find a balance in their life. She loves FDY because of the variety of classes available (hence, balance!), and fell in love with the Power Sculpt class after taking one shortly after she moved here. Sarah enjoys Power Sculpt in particular because of the focus on strength and mobility, along with the high intensity cardio! When instructing a class, you can find her working multiple muscle groups at once, playing motivating songs, and giving cues to ensure proper form (something she’s used to doing with her PT patients). Sarah hopes to create an environment for her students so that they will laugh, sweat, and challenge themselves with every workout.

Sarah G. is currently not instructing any classes.