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Rewards Program at FlyDog Yoga


FlyDog Yoga is excited to be partnered with Perkville to bring you a comprehensive loyalty rewards program! Earning points is easy, tracked automatically on your student account, and you can redeem them for classes, clothing, and even a month of unlimited yoga!  Our Perkville page is accesible here:


All FlyDog Yoga students automatically accrue points in our MINDBODY computer system for attending classes, workshops, trainings and for making retail purchases. Once you create your account with Perkville, you'll be able to see all your points on your account and track your progress towards your rewards. Upon earning enough points to claim a reward, Perkville emails you a voucher to bring into the studio and redeem on your account!

Perkville is a trusted partner of MINDBODY, our scheduling system. Perkville will never share or use any FlyDog Yoga student information.


When you create your account with FlyDog Yoga, you will receive an enrollment invitation email from Perkville automatically to the email address you use for your FlyDog Yoga account. You can also go to to create an account -- just be sure to use the same email address we have on file for you at the studio! You earn 50 points just for signing up!


Earn 50 points for signing up
Earn 150 points for referring a friend*
Earn 15 points for workshops
Earn 5 points for classes
Earn 5 points for getting social (Twitter & Facebook)**

*Points rewarded once referred friend makes a class purchase at FlyDog Yoga
**Social media posts must be created and sent through your Perkville dashboard to count.  Limit one per day.


To earn points referring friends, you need to sign in to your Perkville account and enter your friend’s email address to send them a referral email. When they come in for their first class, we’ll ask them for their email address. When they create a Perkville and MINDBODY account and make their first purchase, you’ll automatically earn your referral points. Note that the email address they us for the registration needs to match the email address you used when sending out your referral message. If they do not match, the system will unfortunately not recognize your referral.


Upon earning enough points to claim rewards, you will have the option within your Perkville account to select to redeem your points. Perkville will then email you a voucher to bring to the studio to claim your selected reward. Your voucher will also appear within the FlyDog Yoga mobile app, so make sure you've downloaded that! You have the option to save up your points as long as you like in order to earn larger rewards. You can print this voucher or show it to us on your phone. We then apply the voucher value to the purchase you're making at time of redemption. Account credit vouchers can be added to your account for future use.

Rewards are as follows:

200 points = Free Class
300 points = Free FlyDog Yoga t-shirt/tank top
500 points = Free FlyDog Yoga hoodie
750 points = $40 account credit
1500 points = Free month of unlimited yoga

Rewards are non-transferrable and have no cash value and may not be placed on gift cards. Perkville account holder must be present to redeem rewards via their account. $40 account credit may not be applied to monthly membership payments.


To make things as simple as possible, if you are already using the FlyDog Yoga App (available for iPhone and Android phones) you can review your reward points, redeem points, and send referral emails all from the Perkville tab on the main menu bar on the FlyDog Yoga App.


If you notice a discrepancy in your account or have any questions about points, rewards, or anything else related to this program, please contact us at Perkville will only track your rewards if you create your Perkville account using the same email address we have on file for you at FlyDog Yoga. Please verify that you are using the same email address in both places. If you need to adjust your email address, please contact us by email ( or by calling the studio at (434) 964-1964.

If you have any questions regarding how to use the Perkville platform, you may find this document helpful. You can also find lots of great tips and information through the FAQ/help section of their website.

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