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Teacher Training 


Syllabus Overview

Sessions will meet every day from approximately 8:00am-6:00pm.

Technique Training and Practice - 100 hours

o   Asana alignment principles in vinyasa that is based on traditional yoga fundamentals.

o   Balancing verbal cues and demonstration of postures in teaching.

o   Daily Master classes.

o   Pranayama and meditation technique and practice.

o   Teaching across populations and levels.

o   Modifications of poses (use of props).

o   Hands-on assists and adjustments.

o   Special interest yoga- Prenatal and Children’s yoga.

Teaching Methodology - 30 hours

o   Understanding the various yoga styles and what we can learn from each style.

o   Vinyasa yoga theory and methodology (how to teach Vinyasa).

o   Yin yoga theory and methodology (how to teach yin).

o   Safely teaching across populations and levels.

o   How to teach a private yoga class.

o   Finding your “yoga voice” (voice projection, clear and concise cues/imagery).

o   Designing unique and inspirational sequences.

o   Theme weaving- how to bring quotes, personal experience and yoga philosophy into an asana practice.

o   Find your core message.

Anatomy and Physiology- 20 hours

o   Joint health and mobility. 

o   Bandhas, Chakras and Mudras.

o   Science of yoga on the various body systems (muscular, skeletal, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic).

o   Yoga Therapy (how yoga affects mood, feelings and our response to the world).

o   Back Care

o   Basics of Ayurveda

Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics - 30 hours

o   Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

o   Self study- Inward perspective of what drives and inspires you.

o   Eight Limbs of Yoga.

o   History of Yoga.

o   Yamas/Niyamas.

o   Business of Yoga.

o   Ethics of Yoga.

o   Building Community - Ongoing training, staying inspired, keeping in touch. 

o   Designing an opportunity - provide a yoga class for the community.

Practicum - 20 hours

o   Practice teaching in pairs and small groups (daily).

o   Design and teach your own 75 minutes.

o   Practice hands-on assists/adjustments in pairs and during Master classes.



Required Reading List (feel free to purchase the used copies)

·      Meditations from the Mat ~ Rolf Gates (using this throughout training)

·      Yoga Body, Buddha Mind ~ Cyndi Lee

·      Yoga Sutras of Patanjali ~ Swami Satchidananda

·      Light on Yoga ~ BKS Iyengar

·      Teaching People, Not Poses ~ Jay Fields

·      Anatomy, Second Edition~ Leslie Kaminoff

What to Bring


Block or strap 

Hand towel and longer bath towel (YogiToes towel if you prefer)

Water (maybe an electrolyte replenisher)

Change of clothes

Notebook or bound journal and pen

Snacks (there are snacks to purchase on site as well)​


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