Aerial Teacher Training

Aerial Level 1

Are you ready to fly?

FlyDog Yoga Aerial classes combine acrobatic arts with gravity defying yoga poses. We gain a greater sense of mobility, core/arm strength and therapeutic poses with just a single class.
Through this training you will be given the tools to effectively teach others how to support, amplify or liberate their body through intelligently sequenced classes.  You will be provided the skills necessary to teach a full basics and all-levels aerial yoga class.
In this 20 hour Aerial Basics Teacher Training, you will learn:
-Aerial hammock rigging/equipment/setup
-Breakdown of poses (training manual provided)
-Basics class sequence
-Practice teaching of basics class (everyone will be ready to lead a basics class)

Aerial Level 2

You know the Basics and now you’re ready to offer your students more!
Through your training with Flydog Yoga we will focus on building the foundation for strength, learn anatomy and alignment required for advanced poses, how to teach creative poses and flips/tricks! 
You will be provided the tools to safely spot your students and offer modifications for all levels! 
In this 20 hour Level 2 Aerial Teacher Training you will learn
-Conditioning/Alignment/Anatomy and Strength 
-how to safely exit poses/how to spot
-Creative transitions/Advanced poses to weave into your level 1 sequence 
-modifications to offer those building into full variation 
-advanced flips/tricks