Yin Yoga Training

FDY 20hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Yintensive Workshop | Feb 23 – Feb 25

A Yin Yoga practice sequences longer holds in quiet stillness with an intention to relax the muscles, opening the flow of energy through the deeper connective tissue, releasing broader range of motion in the joints of the body. Promoting a meditative awareness of breath and energy, this calm practice reveals acceptance within the present condition of the physical, emotional, and conscious layers of our being. Join Jessica Bossler and Kelsey Gillan for a hands -on weekend exploring the intricacies of this practice. Whether you are interested in learning more as a practitioner or interested in becoming a teacher, this is an approachable workshop for all backgrounds of yoga experience.

This 20hr Yintensive and Teacher Training will provide you with:

  • A firm understanding of the Yin perspective of Yoganm and how it’s practice creates balance in daily life and compliments an active, athletic lifestyle
  • In depth discussion and practice of Yin Yoga Postures and their potential benefits for the mind, and physical and subtle body
  • Confidence to sequence a full Yin Yoga class designed for different intentions

Modules/Yintensives (20 Hrs)

  • History / Philosophy | 2h
  • Anatomy / Physiology | 2h – YINtensive option
  • Meridian Theory / Chi | 2h – YINtensive option
  • Poses / Props / Cue / Assisting | 4h
  • Sequencing / Intention / Guiding Through Postures / Teaching Etiquite | 3h
  • Practice Teaching / Partner Exercises | 3h (with practice opportunities integrated into each module) 
  • 60-75 min Yin Class each day | 3h