Teacher Training Syllabus

Syllabus Overview

Technique Training and Practice – 100 hours

•  Asana alignment principles in vinyasa that is based on traditional yoga fundamentals
•  Balancing verbal cues and demonstration of postures in teaching
•  Daily Master classes
•  Pranayama and meditation technique and practice
•  Teaching across populations and levels
•  Modifications of poses (use of props)
•  Hands-on assists and adjustments
•  Special interest yoga- Prenatal and Children’s yoga

Teaching Methodology – 30 hours

•  Understanding the various yoga styles and what we can learn from each style
•  Vinyasa yoga theory and methodology (how to teach Vinyasa)
•  Yin yoga theory and methodology (how to teach yin)
•   Safely teaching across populations and levels
•  How to teach a private yoga class
•  Finding your “yoga voice” (voice projection, clear and concise cues/imagery)
•  Designing unique and inspirational sequences
•  Theme weaving- how to bring quotes, personal experience and yoga philosophy into an asana practice
•  Find your core message

Anatomy and Physiology- 20 hours

•  Joint health and mobility
•  Bandhas, Chakras and Mudras
•  Science of yoga on the various body systems (muscular, skeletal, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic)
•  Yoga Therapy (how yoga affects mood, feelings and our response to the world)
•  Back Care
•  Basics of Ayurveda

Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics – 30 hours

•  Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
•  Self study- Inward perspective of what drives and inspires you
•  Eight Limbs of Yoga
•  History of Yoga
•  Yamas/Niyamas
•  Business of Yoga
•  Ethics of Yoga
•  Building Community – Ongoing training, staying inspired, keeping in touch
•  Designing an opportunity – provide a yoga class for the community

Practicum – 20 hours

•  Practice teaching in pairs and small groups (daily).
•  Design and teach your own 75 minutes.
•  Practice hands-on assists/adjustments in pairs and during Master classes.


Required Reading List:

·  Yoga Sutras of Patanjali ~ Swami Satchidananda (physical Copy)

·  FlyDog Yoga Teacher Training Manual (provided to you)

Optional Reading List: (not required but great resources)

·      Teaching People, Not Poses ~ Jay Fields

·      4 Agreements – Miguel Ruiz (ePub or physical copy)

·      Anatomy, Second Edition~ Leslie Kaminoff

·      Yoga Body, Buddha Mind ~ Cyndi Lee

·      Meditations from the Mat ~ Rolf Gates

·       Light on Yoga ~ BKS Iyengar (physical Copy)


What to Bring

• ​​​​​​Mat
• Block or strap
• Hand towel and longer bath towel (YogiToes towel if you prefer)
• Water (maybe an electrolyte replenisher)
• Change of clothes
• Notebook or bound journal and pen
• Snacks (food is also available for purchase near the training facility)